When should I book a session?

Depending on the time of year, I am typically booked 8 weeks out (weekends often book further out). During the holiday season, I am typically booked 12+ weeks out.  If you have a specific season, event, or month for which you’d like to have your photos taken, please be sure to contact me as soon as you can to make sure I get you on the calendar!

For newborn sessions it's best to book as soon as possible. I can only take a certain number of newborns/due dates per month, so these book up fast.

Maternity sessions work best when the expectant mom is about 30 weeks along (give or take). Plan ahead! We want to make sure there is enough beautiful baby belly to show off, but not so much that you’re uncomfortable and tired.

What is the process once I book a session?

As the date approaches we will nail down the exact time to meet. It is then that we will discuss your specific location, what you plan to wear, your expectations, and what, if anything, I will need from you. The time of your session will depend on the chosen location, time of year, predicted weather, etc. I am a natural light photographer so lighting and location are important to me. I typically shoot in the morning, or late afternoon/early eve (1.5 hours before sunset).

You will have the option of selecting your "favorite" images from those taken. I typically have unedited images posted to a private gallery within 5 days of your photos being taken. After you select your "favorite" images to be edited, my turn around time is 10 days.

Print orders are ready within seven (7) days and canvas orders typically take 10 days.

Will you photograph my extended family, a family reunion, a birthday party, baptism, or another event?

I love interacting with engaged couples, kids, teens and immediate families (mom, dad and children). For that reason I do not offer sessions for groups of more than six (6) people or offer event photography. If your immediate family is larger than 6 people, please contact me.

Do you offer prints, canvases and other items?

Yes! All sessions come with digital edited images (which you can print on your own). But, I highly recommend printing any and all enlargements through my professional print company. The quality is amazing and 100% guaranteed. Please contact me for print and canvas prices.

Where will our session be?

For my sessions I try to find a location that fits my client’s preference, feel and personality. I love when you have a specific place in mind, but if you don’t have one I have many locations we can discuss. The options are varied and include fields, parks, downtown urban settings, etc. It really depends on your expectations and what you are hoping to see in your photos.

Can we bring props or plan a stylized session?

By all means, yes! If you have specific items you want in your photos, please bring them and we’ll work them in. I have props as well so if you’ve seen something you like in my portfolio, let me know and if I own it I’ll bring it along. If you’re looking to have more of a stylized session, (aka the GOLD Signature Session) or theme, tell me in advance so I can do a little planning too. If you’ve got a car you love, an era you want to relive (or imagine!), a game your family plays, hats, umbrellas, chairs, glasses, or anything else you can think of, let me know and we’ll make it work. I love creativity and want to make your photo session all about you!

What should I/we wear?

Good question! My simple answer is: wear what feels good to you! Some people like to match the color of the clothing to their skin tone and hair. Others prefer to match with the décor in their homes so when they frame the photos they coordinate with the room. Some clients love a specific item of clothing and want to build the color scheme around that one piece. For family photos I recommend that it is mom who chooses the first outfit and the rest of the family coordinates with her. Pick an outfit that makes you feel confident, comfortable and overall great about how you look.

You don’t have to color match each member of the family, but it is good to make sure you coordinate and, at the very least, don’t clash!

Layers are a great way to add in pops of color.

And don’t forget: shoes matter!

Clients will typically send me photos of their outfits so I can help if needed.