Hey there! I'm Kellie, and I love capturing photos for you to keep forever.

Photography started out as a passion of mine about 12 years ago.

I was a Dental Hygienist who decided I wanted to actually learn how to use my camera.

That was many cameras ago, and I'm so thankful for the path my creative mind has lead me on.

I was born and raised on the Central Coast.

Spent about half my life in the Valley before returning back to the beach.

I'm a breast cancer survivor.

I love coffee (as I sip it right now)

I love working out.

I live for vacations with my family.

XO, Kellie


Kirsten B

“Kellie makes magic happen. She somehow manages to capture amazing moments amidst the craziness of my family. When my son is screaming or someone is unhappy, she somehow transforms the image into this perfect snapshot of my family. She truly is talented and I love all the memories she has forever saved for me.
-Kirsten B.”

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